Welcome to Nord Ship Agency

Nord Ship Agency  is your super yacht agent in Norway and Spitsbergen. We have 14 years experience in serving yachts visiting Norwegian waters. Nord Ship Agency is your general agent and we solve any task in any port.


We customize sailing itineraries together with our highly experienced  shore activity department.


All paper work and contact with authorities will we prepare in due time before your arrival.


Nord Ship Agency main goal is to relieve the workload for captain and crew and give the owner and guest an lifetime experience.


Being an independent ship agency we can provide 100% focus on our clients demands.


Nord Ship Agency guarantees personal, discreet, safe and efficient service.


Super yachts 2014:

Serene, Skat, Hyperion, Elfje, Belle de Jour, Daydream, Hampshire 2, Hyperion, Itasca, Kibo, Wisp, Stina Kajsa, Vive La Vie


Please contact us:
Nord Ship Agency, Tel: +47 916 02 337,  e-mail: post@nordshipagency.no